Development Environment and Syllabus for Serious Games Implementation

Contract no. 19/2014 | Submission code: PN-II-PT-PCCA-2013-4-2177 | The contracting authority: UEFISCDI



Serious Games Development Environment (SGDE)

Enable sustainable, flexible and qualitative access to game enhanced, syllabus-based activities for non-IT professionals through the integration of a Serious Game Development Environment (SGDE)


Carry out constructive as well as applied research activities focused on key aspects of SG development for desktop and mobile environments with major impact on education quality and human activities.

Implement an assessment module for serious games based on pedagogical constructs.


Increase efficiency, reduce costs and avoid redundancy in SG development through a join approach that targets both the desktop and mobile arenas and enable the adaptation of the desktop-based constructs in mobile settings.


DESiG Consortium consists of four partners.



Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference(I/ITSEC 2016)

On 28th – 02rd 2016, ATS attended the I/ITSEC 2016 - the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC). The paper presented "Changing the fabric of learning content through the atomic learning approach", explores how modular learning atoms can be grouped into packages to model/ reconfigure individual personalization needs in learning and assessment.
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I/ITSEC 2016

Scientific Methods in Academic Research and Teaching (SMART 2016)

On 17th - 20th October 2016, ATS attended the conference SMART 2016 - Scientific Methods in Academic Research and Teaching with the paper: „Bridging learning and play: the digital game experience”. The paper provide insights into the design challenges and the development processes of a DEG for foreign language learning
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SMART 2016

International Conference on Virtual Learning (ICVL 2016)

On 29th October 2016, Craiova, Romania, has been taken place the eleventh edition of the International Conference on Virtual Learning.
ATS participated with the paper "Using Entertainment Games in Education".
In the paper were presented the major challenges of successfully blending and balancing fun, learning, and assessment, while creating motivating and engaging experiences for players in ethical, accessibility aware settings.
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ICVL 2016

Workshop - International Conference on Entertainment Computing 2016 (ICEC 2016)

On 27th - 29th Sepember 2016, Viena, Austria, ATS organized an Workshop - "Constructing and Experimenting Pervasive, Gamified Learning" within the 15th edition of the conference ICEC - International Conference on Entertainment Computing 2016. Also at the conference, ATS presented the paper "Using gamification Mechanisms and digital games in Structured and Unstructured learning Contexts".
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ICEC 2016


Implementation Plan & Outcomes