National Defense University "Carol I"

Partner 2 focuses its research and innovations towards two main directions: 1) Training of leaders and experts (military and civilian) in the field of national defense and security; and 2) The elaboration of scientific studies requested by structures with responsibilities in the field of national defense and security (Presidency, Government, Supreme Council for National Defense, Parliament). Partner 2 has an extensive experience in the field of scientific research, both as coordinator and partner in important projects in educational areas related to security and national defense. Within these projects, Partner 2 has collaborated with more than 30 European countries, and also with other countries such as The United States of America. The main current project related to this proposal, we could mention the Network of Excellence Games and Learning Alliance (GaLA).
Research and technical development of standard-compliant educational content for online environments, reuse and repurposing of digital resources represent main expertize areas for Partner 2. The Advanced Distributed Learning Department established by Partner 2 is one of the most important security and defence content developers in NATO. The courses and integrated learning management system frameworks developed here are an example for other countries and are used by NATO and the European Defence College. The department is one of the seven ADL Partnership Labs that have been established around the world.
The role of Partner 2 within the DESiG Project is to carry out analysis on game enhanced learning, constructing pedagogical scenarios and syllabi that enable the assimilation of SG practices in education. Partner 2 is the leader of Work Package 3 Game-based Curriculum and Syllabus Development.