Partner 1


Partner 1, the second industry partner, is more than a local or regional provider for complex IT solutions; since its beginnings, in 1990 and until present days, the company succeeded in conquering international markets, gaining the confidence of clients in four continents: Europe, Northern America, Asia and Australia. Beginning with 1993, Partner 1 became the first Romanian company actively involved in education and training, by developing innovative solutions for electronic content meant to improve the teaching – learning processes. In November 2003, Partner 1 released on the market the Interactive lessons suite, an innovative product designed to improve the learning process in secondary education.
In 2004 the lessons obtained the ICT Industry Award for “The best educational content of the year”. In November 2005 Partner 1 released the Mathematics Gazette – the Electronic Edition, a product unique in the world, which contains the entire collection of the Mathematics Gazette from 1895 to 2005, 60.000 pages including over 90.000 problems and mathematics articles. Among other successful initiatives are the educational portals, which is visited every month by more than 250.000 teachers and, the only portal dedicated to the school Olympics and contests in Romania. Partner 1 is the first organization in Romania that has developed software products compliant with the most popular standard in online education, SCORM 2004. Partner 1 is also a provider of professional training, accredited by the National Authority for Qualifications. It has been involved in national and international research projects: 1. Socrates Minerva Program – The ALS Project – Adaptive Learning Spaces – a platform to create active and personalized learning spaces; 2. Leonardo da Vinci Program – The project UP2UML - “Upskilling to Object Oriented Software Development with the Unified Modeling Language” – developing new content and learning materials.
The experience recommends the corporation for undertaking the tasks assumed in this project – the development and testing the development environment components for the creation of mobile SGs. Partner 1 is the leader of Work Package 1 Serious Games Concepts, Methods, and Technical Aspects.