National Institute for Research & Development in Informatics

Partner 3 has an experience of 40 years in the Romanian ICT field, being the most important institute for research and development in information and communications technology in Romania. Presently, the mission of Partner 3 targets the excellence and the innovation in research and development, in order to develop, to strengthen and to integrate in the European research area the Romanian knowledge-based economy.
The research directions that were taken into account were the ones included in the Framework Programme 6 (FP6), the Framework Programme 7 (FP7), and especially the ones that refer to the thematic area “Information and Communication Technology” in the National Strategy for Research, Development and Innovation 2007-2013 and in the National Programme for Research, Development and Innovation 2007-2013 (PNII). The participation in research projects such as the Programme for Research of Excellency (CEEX), the National Programme for Research, Development, and Innovation (PNII) and the Framework Programme 6 and 7 (FP 6,7), emphasize the large area of RDI expertise of the personnel of the institute.
Based on the knowledge and experience gained in the national and European research projects, Partner 3 must be considered a responsible and a serious partner, being capable to actively contribute to the development of competitiveness through innovation, by developing solutions, technologies, applications and information systems with a high degree of complexity. In this manner, Partner 3 has actively participated at the development of the socio-economic environment, and at the decrease of the gaps between the regional areas of Romania.
Partner 3 collaborates with multiple research institutes from various fields of activity, with universities, private companies and public central and local authorities, in order to fulfil its mission to deliver innovative solutions based on the newest ICT technologies. Partner 3 has coordinated multiple national and international research projects, and has participated in many consortiums as partner. In its previous projects, Partner 3 has collaborated with institutions from more than 35 European countries, but also with countries such as Japan, Canada and Israel.
Partner 3 plays a crucial role in the DESiG project, contributing with its wide expertize to the development of the pedagogical constructs that support the development of desktop and mobile SGs, as well as to the testing of the functional model. Partner 3 coordinates the Work Package 5 Dissemination.