Project coordinator

Advanced Technology Systems

The Coordinator of this project proposal is a software development company that, in over 20 years of market presence, has implemented complex, interoperable and innovative software solutions in industrial, economic and educational environments. The Coordinator is the first provider of an interactive eGovernment solution - ATLAS that has received national and international awards: ANIAP, Microsoft, Binary, as well as the first prize at the ICT section of the PIRELLI INTERNETional AWARD 2004. The Coordinator provides customised business intelligence and ERP-CRM solutions for companies that aim to streamline their production processes and their operational flows. The company is a Certified Microsoft Partner and an Oracle Gold Partner. Based on these partnerships, the Coordinator has access to latest technologies and documentations, as well as international certified technical expertise.
All the company’s products have been subject to training sessions along years, and since 2006 the Coordinator has established its own Centre for Vocational Training, authorised for foreign languages and information technology courses. Along years, the Coordinator has been involved in the development and implementation of innovative educational projects that were implemented in collaboration with well-known universities in Romania and from abroad (see: SGI Letter of Support; and UCM Letter of Support). In 2010, the Coordinator has developed a 2D Code Reader that has been implemented in mobile learning settings to facilitate access to educational content; the application has been used during the “Multimedia History” Exposition, and it has been integrated within a wide range of applications. In 2011, the Coordinator has implemented a mobile Knowledge Management System that has benn used for military education and training.


Based on its experience in cutting-edge technology development and complex system integration, the Coordinator will develop the components for the creation of desktop SG that will be integrated into the SGDE, will create the serious game object repository for desktop computers based on interoperability standards that will be used for the development of the desktop SG for foreign language learning, and will perform technical evaluation of the SGDE.

Key persons from the research team

Antoniu Stefan

Project manager

Ioana Stănescu


Dr. Dumitru Ștefan

Senior Researcher

Conf.univ.dr. Veronica Ștefan

Senior Researcher

Laura Drăgulin


Cristian Marin

Software Developer